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1982, Cañete SA
1982 defines the beginning of a Project that begun having almost no resources but with plenty of hope. Founded by Antonio Cañete Sancho, Cañete is creating home textiles style and trends for more 30 years. A commitment vouched by the effort and perseverance of all of the ones working for the firm and to which we are involving a huge number of Spanish families and other several homes outside our borders. Nowadays, the Cañete firm, is a quality symbol; an award backed by the ISO 9001 Certification, which includes all the processes.

Nowadays, the Cañete firm, is a quality symbol; an award backed by the ISO 9001 Certification, which includes all the processes.

We know that innovation is synonymous with differentiation. Consequently, we have added the most sophisticated technology to our own product lines in order to offer our clients a wide selection of manufactured products: sheets, quilts, duvets, duvet covers, curtains,... and decorating fabrics. Quality articles and a customer service that makes us worthy our main gratification: THEIR LOYALTY


Spanish Manufacture
With over 15.000 square meters facilities, Cañete has put a lot of effort, both human and economic, in order to have a flexible productive process that today makes him a reliable partner in terms of manufacturing and services.

With a textile mill department able to make 2 million meters per year, Cañete launches up to 8 collections per year between the national and export departments. Departments such as Design, Preparation, samples, quality, etc., as well as external partners make more and more clients rely on us to design, manufacture, prepare and work in any garment.


Cornerstone of our project. “From the search and presentation of ideas to their development and insertion in our collections”. This is the task of our Design department, around which the entire firm revolves. In order to achieve that, our team relies on design studies of Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish and English specialists, which help us to define universal and local trends in order to be able to meet every market.


Over 30 years we have been expanding a solid trade network, currently comprised of over 15 representatives spread across the whole area and of 4 sales agents directly from the factory. A wide network of collaborators with the goal of meeting all our clients’ needs. Our label is always synonymous with quality, this is why we are still our clients’ favorite outfitter.


We started our International path 15 ago. The flexibility in our manufacturing and the will of covering our new markets have helped us to define our position in the international market as a reliable and prestigious firm.


We are writing the future together. This future revolves around our clients and suppliers.

Collaboration, ideas, projects, work.., are words that at Cañete are full of meaning. We want to carry on forming part of your day-to-day.

Cañete, the art of decorating your home.